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Our players' development is our sole priority. The training program is built to sustain consistent, methodical, progressive training over a reasonable period of time. Ascension integrates the recommendations of the American Pediatric Association (APA) as well as the clinical research of the Long-Term Athletic Development (LTAD) model. The program is built upon a periodization model that includes appropriate built-in weekly and annual recovery periods. 

In our athletic performance program powered by C4 Performance Training, players are evaluated at baseline and progressed through a series of critical athletic-based aspects of the game. In our Academy skill development programming, individual player skill-based evaluations are provided at the conclusion of the academy sessions. 


Our aim is for players to maximize their competitive strengths and understand their opportunities for longer term improvement. Ascension aims to ascend players along a tiered learning continuum from a level of Competency, building Proficiency, and aiming for Mastery in the critical aspects of lacrosse.


Ascension's goal is to develop the complete lacrosse player with access to integrated skill development training, professional athletic performance training, and personal development training. 


Ascension has put extensive consideration into our program structure and scheduling upfront to serve the players and families to allow for focus on priorities outside of the game of lacrosse. We strive to ensure that training schedules for the entire season are proactively planned and communicated prior to registration for each season. We highly encourage our players to take a  'First Things First' approach to life's priorities outside of the sport of lacrosse, inclusive of academics, which is a critical component to overall personal long-term success. Communication is crucial to understanding program expectations and the delivery of value. 

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