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scension Player Core Values:

dept          rdent         spirational         stute         thletic


Ascend lacrosse player development 


Ascend lacrosse player skill development,

enhance athletic development, and fortify personal development

scension Lacrosse Academy was designed in alignment with the 

Long-Term Athletic Development (LTAD) model for 

'Learn to Train' and 'Train to Train' player readiness ages

Training at the 

Right age

LTAD stages of training

Figure: The Relationships Among LTAD Stages and Stages of Cognitive, Emotional, and Moral Development. Balyi, Way, and Higgs. 2013.

scension Lacrosse Academy is built on the science and impact of

appropriate Training vs Competition time at the

appropriate player readiness ages 


versus competing the 

Right amount 

of time

training vs competing time

Figure: Balyi, Way, and Higgs. 2013.

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